Have you seen the movie, The Matrix? What if, life as you know it, really isn’t as it seems, and there is another realm of truth that you are unable to see? Would you be willing to do what it takes to find out the real Truth?

Because, the Truth is: if you haven’t been supernaturally unplugged from the world’s system of sin and death, then you are living in a dream world that denies the Truth. You are lost and blind, living for a moment that will cause you to sin and lead you to death. The very things that give you the most pleasure will keep you enslaved in the matrix of sin and death. And, while you may think that you are “living the dream,” one day you’re going to wake from that dream; and when the consequences of your sin falls upon you, your dream will become a nightmare that will never end.

You must get free from the bondage of sin and death. You must humble yourself by recognizing your sinful state before a holy God (the only One whose opinion matters), and repent of your sins. You know you’ve denied God as the rightful authority over your life. You’ve likely created a God in your imagination to suit your sins. You’ve rejected God and His Word, and even His Commands that have been written on your heart. You’ve blasphemed His holy Name. You’ve dishonored your parents. You’ve lied, stolen, and coveted. You’ve committed adultery in your heart by looking with lust, and murdered in your heart by harboring hatred. These sins earn you death and God’s punishment of eternity in Hell. All of your sins—in thought, word, and deed—need to be repented of and forsaken.

You must believe the Good News that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ—that He came to sacrifice His life so that you could be set free from the matrix of sin and death and Hell. God, Himself, has given us everything we need to know to be set free in His Word—the Holy Bible.

I offer you the red pill of Truth; or, you can continue to swallow the lie of the blue pill that says there is no God who will hold you accountable for your transgressions. I can only show you the door, and that door is Jesus Christ; and, He stands at the door and knocks.

Only the Truth will set you free.